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Lawn fertilization

Lawn fertilization program

Application of organic and / or chemical fertilizer

Slow-dissolving or rapid-acting fertilizer

Application of liquid and / or granular fertilizer


Weed treatment

‘Shock’ treatment against weeds

Localized treatment at each visit for maximum control

Chemical or biological products according to your expectations / needs

Treatment of pests

Preventive treatment of white grubs

Curative treatment of chinch bugs

Curative treatment of sod webworms

Control of ants and spiders

Curative treatment of the crane fly


Spring or autumnal aeration

Opening and cleaning of the land

Customized services to meet your needs. Contact us

Lawn fertilization

Le Génie en Herbe offers a variety of all-inclusive maintenance plans. These various plans can be tailored to your needs for maintenance and treatment. Let us advise you!

Weed treatment

Le Génie en herbe offers several treatments to eliminate weeds quickly. In addition, our services offer you maximum coverage against weeds. At each visit, we include weed control in combination with other treatments to keep your lawn flawless. For new customers, we include in our program a ‘shock’ treatment that will quickly and easily eliminate your weed problem.

Treatment of pests

Aeration and lawn stubble

Aeration and stubble removal of your lawn are services requiring mechanical devices. When necessary, aeration and stubble removal should be done to avoid major problems.