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Le Génie en Herbe

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Le Génie en Herbe, master of lawn treatments in Laval.
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Fertilization and lawn treatment

Le Génie en Herbe is a company specialized in the field of fertilization and turf treatments. The quality of our services and the excellent results obtained through the application of our weed and / or insect treatments have made the Génie en Herbe a very popular company. A full range of treatments are available for both fertilization and pest control (bugs, worms, meadow borer, etc.). You will find the treatment “miracle” that will meet the needs of your lawn. The Génie en Herbe has the “green thumb” and its expertise will make your green space a dream place!

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Lawn aeration and soil activator

Le Génie en Herbe offers the possibility of adding aeration/or soil activation treatments to your package. Aeration can be done annually or every 2-3 years depending on the needs of your lawn. In addition, certain soil activation treatment such as liquid compost or mycorrhizae are advantageous investments since they offer benefits that can last for several years. Lawn care does not always require this type of treatment, let Le Génie en Herbe guide you on these specific needs.

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PH stabilization and soil analysis

We offer soil testing and soil pH stabilization when the pH is too acidic or alkaline. Soil that is too acidic or alkaline will have a considerable impact on the condition of your lawn. Depending on the severity of the situation, several mineral elements will become inaccessible to your lawn. Signs of deficiency will soon be noticed and the condition of your lawn will deteriorate visibly. We have a range of products that can correct the situation and rebalance your soil.

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Our proprietary

The advantage of taking the all-inclusive Le Génie en Herbe package is that you’ll be assured of a beautiful lawn all season long and you’ll enjoy a healthy, green lawn without having to worry about it. In addition, the 4-visit program (11 treatments) of the all-inclusive package has been designed to achieve surprisingly green results. The all-inclusive Genie en Herbe formula is one of the best ways to avoid unpleasant surprises, wasted time and especially one of the best ways to enjoy your green space at an affordable price.

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